Firefighters Put Out “Reburns” In Willamette National Forest

Firefighting officials report they have put out at least four sites which posed threats of growing into larger fires, all inside the 11,555 acres of last year’s Terwilliger Fire.   

The Northwest Oregon Interagency Fire Organization in Eugene spoke with local reporters, detailing how fire resources teams working in the field found these sites, which they call “reburns,” and put them out. They noted that the Terwilliger Fire was never formally declared as being “out.”  

According to an Interagency spokesperson, each “reburn” covered less than an acre. Three occurred on June 17, 25 and 28, and the most recent one on July 19. Edward Hiatt, a fire staff officer at NOIFO, said that one reburn last summer grew to over 10,100 acres, over 15 square miles. Despite months of rain and winter weather, some embers can remain burning inside of old, fallen logs and trees.  

The Terwilliger Fire began on August 19, 2018 about 50 miles east of Springfield.   

Willamette National Forest officials ask anyone who sees smoke in the area to report it to 911 or the McKenzie River Ranger District at 541-822-3381.  

By Ian MacRonald