Corvallis Hosts International Peace Walk Sunday

On Sunday July 28, Corvallis will host the Pacific Northwest Interfaith Walk for Global Nuclear Disarmament for the third time.  

It is the 15th annual walk of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, led primarily by the Nipponzan Myoji Buddhist Order, but also by the Eugene, Tacoma, Vancouver Catholic Workers, Ground Zero Center For Nonviolent Action and Peace, the American Indian Organization for Change, Foot Prints for Peace, and more. The group hosts a day-long walk throughout various cities in the Northwest in favor of nuclear disarmament and global peace. The final walk will be held in Seattle on August 6, the anniversary of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. 

 The walk in Corvallis officially begins at 8 am on Sunday, July 28 at the OSU Asian & Pacific Cultural Center, the location of a tree planted in honor of a Hiroshima survivor. The route is about 12 miles, and will tour a number of local houses of worship. The day will end at 6:30 pm with a potluck dinner at Sangha Jewel Zen Center on Circle Blvd.  

Organizers encourage those who join to wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing and to bring water and sunscreen. Pets are not allowed due to potential allergies.  

“The steps we take are small just like a ripple in a pond,” their press release reads, “yet, it is certainly a way to teach the promise of peace on this earth.”  

By Ian MacRonald

Correction: This article contained an error in the date of the Corvallis Interfaith Walk. The Interfaith Walk for Global Nuclear Disarmament in Corvallis is Sunday July 28th.