Only 2 Days Left: Help Corvallisite Jeff Davis Fund an Arcade Night – Game On!

Photo by Danielle Bean

Video game arcades used to be everywhere. We had them in pizza places, bowling alleys, movie theaters, and even beneath the Memorial Union at OSU. Today, however, they’re disappearing. It’s unfortunate too since video gaming predominantly started as—and still is in many ways—an activity to be enjoyed with others.

Jeff Davis, a Corvallis resident looking to sponsor a full-blown, fully loaded and fully catered arcade night, agrees.

“I believe gaming, at its core, is a social hobby,” Davis said in a YouTube video advertising his plans. “It’s something made to be shared with other people, and what better place to share it than in real life?”

With enough money from local residents and a little from his own pocket, Davis is hoping to successfully sponsor an upcoming Corvallis Arcade Night with the assistance of Kickstarter, a popular crowd funding website that allows individuals to donate to many notable causes. In the past, Kickstarter has helped popular filmmakers, art exhibitors and video game developers obtain funds they needed to share their projects with the world.

With the assistance of interested contributors, Davis aspires to do the same so he can sample the turnout and demand for opening a future “barcade” here in Corvallis. Like Portland’s Ground Kontrol and other popular retro video game venues, Davis would aim for a social hangout where anyone could just kick back and have some drinks as they experience everything gaming used to be.

The complete project operates on a $3,500 budget, and will include drinks, catering, collectible tokens (not required for the machines), t-shirts, and other expenses related to obtaining a venue and installing cabinets. When asked about some games attendees could expect, Davis mentioned two of his ideal personal favorites essential for any social arcade experience: Street Fighter for classic tournament fans and the classic 6-player X-Men Arcade machine.

Anyone interested in contributing toward the Corvallis Arcade Night, and potentially a future barcade of our own here in town, can visit the Kickstarter page, Corvallis Arcade Night Kickstarter, and register to donate. The current campaign runs until April 13, so time’s running out. As Davis says on the Kickstarter’s video, he need some folks to help “insert some coins” so he can “continue” with the project.
Game on, Corvallis.


By Sean Bassinger