Local Radio KLOO-FM Fires DJ….. “Budget Cuts” or Pro Marriage Equality Comments?

Westy Weaver

When Westy Weaver, a radio announcer at Albany’s rock station 106.3 KLOO, had a four and a half minute music break last Tuesday, she decided she would use it to clarify Facebook’s “Sea of Red.” She explained that people were changing their profile pictures to red boxes with white equal signs inside as a show of support for marriage equality; she also expressed her support of the movement.

“I felt like it was an important and relevant topic to touch upon—if anything to explain what the hell all the red was about,” she says. “The phones didn’t light up, I didn’t get any immediate response or anything like that. The next day, I get a phone call from [the program director] and she’s like, ‘We need to talk.’”

KLOO FM Marriage Equality image created by a Facebook user

Weaver reports there were two emails complaining about the discussion of marriage equality on her show. Furthermore, Weaver says she was also informed that KLOO’s station manager, Larry Rogers, felt it was not an appropriate topic of discussion for the station. Weaver was put on a 1-week suspension. In the meantime, KLOO was inundated with support for Weaver, via email and Facebook – the social media comments have since been purged. When her suspension was up, the station informed her that she was being terminated, citing recent budget cuts.

“…I’m sure [a couple hundred dollars] a month was really hurting them,“ she laughs.

“Why am I being punished for two complaints for something that’s in the news?” she asks. “All you need is love! I quoted the Beatles for Christ’s sake.”

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By Mica Habarad