Tracey Yee to Leave City Council, Supports Carolyn Mayers as Replacement

Carolyn Mayers, Vice-Chair of the Corvallis Planning Commission, has announced her candidacy for Ward 8 on the City Council. Incumbent Tracey Yee is not seeking reelection in November, and is supporting Mayers’ run.  

“I encouraged Carolyn Mayers to run because I think she would be a great representative for Ward 8 and I definitely support her candidacy. She is very smart and concerned about doing what is best not just for Ward 8, but for the City as a whole. She has contributed a lot on the Planning Commission and I’m sure she’ll bring those strengths to the council if she’s elected,” said Yee.  

Yee also said she’s enjoyed serving on the council these last three years – but she took a new fulltime job late last year, and that it’s been hard to balance.  

About Mayers  

Mayers said she moved to Corvallis 2015. She points to her participation with the Corvallis League of Women Voters, or LWV, as the sort of commitment to civic engagement that she cares about – she has served on the Community Planning Committee and participates in the work of the Housing Committee. She adds that her involvement extends to the Oregon LWV, where she focuses on legislative issues such as wildfire policy and program funding, emergency preparedness and land use.  

Mayers said “I look forward to meeting and talking with as many of the residents of Ward 8 as possible, as well as those across the broader Corvallis community, to inform and refine my priorities. I believe this “listening tour” will give me a clearer picture of what’s working, and what could be better, from a wide variety of people. This input, combined with my experience, helps ensure that I will be a positive force in shaping a future for Corvallis that works for everyone.”   

Mayers’ says her career has spanned multiple fields, including her roles as an insurance agent, organic farmer, and community organizer.   

In addition to her work with the LWV, and the Planning Commission, Mayers holds the position of Vice President of her Homeowners Association, where she advocates for wildfire awareness and community engagement. She points out that she collaborates with the Corvallis Fire Department and other local organizations to enhance community safety and preparedness.   

Mayers adds that her volunteer contributions also include memberships in the Oregon Environmental Council and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. Previously, she served in various roles with the Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center. And most recently, she joined the new Walnut Corridor Committee of SAFE Corvallis, which will be exploring how to improve bike and pedestrian safety along Walnut Blvd. 

Mayers says the vision she sees for Corvallis is one of resilience, inclusivity, and equitable, environmentally sensitive growth. She said she will prioritize community engagement, sustainable economic and housing development, and emergency preparedness, reflecting the breadth of her experience and passion for public service. 

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