Next Week: Michael Pollan Tuesday, Science Pub Wednesday

Next week’s Provost’s Lecture features Michael Pollan, bestselling author and sustainable food advocate. 

Pollan will engage in an in-depth conversation with Oregon State’s own Emily Ho, University Distinguished Professor of Nutrition and Director of the Linus Pauling Center. Following their discussion, Dr. Ho will moderate a Q&A with the audience. A book signing will follow the main event. 

The lecture will also be streamed live. 

7 pm, Tuesday, April 2 at the LaSells Stewart Center, Austin Auditorium, or online. Register here. 

Science Pub: Promoting Metabolic Health, Discovering New Benefits of Existing Medications 

Dr. Sean Newsom is an integrative metabolic physiologist that works to develop new and effective strategies to help regulate blood sugar and lower risk for cardiometabolic diseases. His laboratory has recently discovered new benefits of a drug used to treat type 2 diabetes that may improve muscle metabolism and promote healthy aging. He will share this ongoing work and evidence-based hints to help improve your metabolic health. 

6 pm, Wednesday, April 3 at Old World Deli, or online. Click here for the required registration. 

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