State to Start Posting Delinquent Taxpayers List Online

On July 14, the Oregon Department of Revenue, or DOR, will publish a list of delinquent taxpayers on the department’s website . As stands, the plan is to post the names of people and businesses who owe $50,000 or more in unpaid state taxes.  

Rudy Owens, a public affairs specialist with the state, said in a release, “Taxpayers can avoid appearing on the list by paying their balance in full or making payment arrangements. Affected taxpayers will begin receiving notifications during the week of May 22 and will have nearly eight weeks to resolve their status to avoid being on the list.”

Also, Collection Division Administrator Deanna Mack said, “Affected taxpayers should contact us as soon as they receive a notice to resolve the debt,” adding, “Publishing this list will support our efforts to collect the revenue that our state counts on.” 

Accruing penalties and interest can also push taxes that started at less than $50,000 to over the minimum amount, so the department says its best to contact them before that happens. In all cases, however, once a taxpayer meets the criteria for public posting, they will be notified by mail. 

What information will be posted 

A qualifying taxpayer’s name, business name, the name of any person held personally liable for business debt, the current city and state of residence, lien identification number, type of debt, and current amount due will be available on the department’s website.  

Approved payment plans will stay posting 

Taxpayers who don’t want their information shared can pay their tax debt in full or enter a department-approved payment plan or agreement to resolve their debt by the deadline in their notice.

In 2019, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 523, authorizing DOR to post information online about delinquent taxpayers whose tax debt topped $50,000. Many states already post information publicly about delinquent taxpayers as part of their efforts to promote greater tax compliance and collect state revenue.

The department initially planned to launch the program in March 2020 but postponed its implementation out of concern for possible financial hardships for taxpayers created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Contact the Oregon Department of Revenue

Taxpayers who owe are encouraged to contact DOR promptly to make arrangements to resolve their debt by going to the department’s online services portal, Revenue Online , or by phone. Individual taxpayers can call (503) 945-8200 to resolve their accounts. Business taxpayers can call (503) 945-8100. 

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