League of Women Voters Hosts Online Public Banking Forum Tonight

The League of Women Voters invites you to learn about public banking in an interactive Zoom forum on Monday, November 13, at 6:30 pm. Rick Staggenborg, a member of both the League and Oregon Public Banking Alliance, will lead the discussion.  

Public banking is an issue that Oregonians will be hearing a lot more about in the near future. In its last session, the Oregon legislature passed a bill to establish a task force on how best to implement, operate, and govern an Oregon state bank. Although the governor vetoed the bill, she affirmed her support for the concept. Supporters are expected to introduce a revised bill in the next session. 

A state bank is one whose charter requires it to serve the interests of the people of the state. An Oregon state bank could lend its available capital only for projects that benefit Oregon and Oregonians, according to priorities set in its state-issued charter. This would keep the money in the state for such purposes as low-interest loans for infrastructure projects, clean-energy projects, and affordable housing, and loans to farmers, students, and minority-owned businesses. 

Join Zoom Meeting 

Click here to join or copy and paste this link into your browser: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87447193986?pwd=dXRBbGp3RzNzN2cyb29oUnhuL3pCdz09  

Meeting ID: 874 4719 3986
Passcode: 576882 

To join by phone: +1 206 337 9723  

This event is cosponsored by Linn County Unit of League of Women Voters of Oregon and LWV Corvallis. 


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