Government: Weekend Bus Service Returning, City Mulls Weighing in On State Housing Bills, County’s Next Sustainability Steps

Weekend Bus Service Returning: The City of Corvallis has announced the return of full weekend service to the local transportation bus schedule beginning on June 24.  

In a release from the city, Corvallis and Philomath are pleased to announce the return of full weekend transit service on Corvallis Transit System (CTS) Routes 1 through 9 and extended Philomath Connection (PC) Saturday service. 

“Thank you for your patience and understanding as we worked with our contractor, MTR Western, to secure drivers and resume full weekend service,” said the city.  

In September of 2022, CTS announced they would be suspending Saturday and Sunday service until driver numbers again supported weekend service. In addition, some underperforming routes were also eliminated to reallocate limited resources and sustain service to higher ridership routes.  Since then, they’ve slowly added back in weekend service as more drivers have been hired.  

Questions may be directed to or 541-766-6916.  

Housing Money, Maybe: The City of Corvallis Legislative Committee will review a request for support for two bills that are currently going before the state legislature. Both House Bill 2980 and 2981 are related to low-income housing development projects and grant funding.  

HB 2980 authorizes cities and counties to adopt programs for awarding grants to developers of affordable housing and moderate-income housing projects to finance certain costs associated with such housing projects.  

HB 2981 would require the Oregon Business Development Department and Housing Community Services Department to provide grants and loans for housing. This would appropriate money from the General Fund departments in order to fund grants and loans through January 2, 2026.  

Both bills are currently sitting in the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. The city’s legislative committee will discuss whether to issue a letter of support for both bills at the meeting on May 25.  

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Action Plan: The Benton County Board of Commissioners got an update on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Action Plan following the work completed in 2022.  

“Climate change affects almost all elements of our communities. The county calculates greenhouse gas emissions and takes action to reduce impacts from climate change,” said Sean McGuire Sustainability Coordinator for Benton County.  

In a presentation to commissioners by McGuire he gave a break down on the amount of energy each county building used throughout 2022 and energy saving measures each of the building implemented.   

The goal for the county is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% of 2010 levels by 2030 and be net-zero by 2050. The next steps the county will be taking include adopting fleet and facility policies, complete countywide LED upgrades, and reducing commute drive miles for staff.  

By Jennifer Warner  

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