Corvallis Science & Nature: Big Movie Week at Darkside, Diversifying Knowledge Talks, Asian Vegetable Growing Webinar

Welcome to April, a.k.a Earth Month. Earth Day isn’t for another few weeks, but surely our entire planet, the only planet—at time of writing—that we know supports life, deserves more than a single day.  

Two Documentaries at Darkside 

This past week, the Darkside Theater celebrated its 18th anniversary. If you’re looking for a way to help them celebrate, there are two nature-themed documentaries playing at the Darkside this week. “Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire” by Portland filmmaker Trip Jennings opens Friday, April 7th. Narrated by actor David Oyelowo, this film looks at western wildfire from a variety of viewpoints, including climate experts, fire survivors and Indigenous people, with the goal of redefining our relationship to fire in the American West.   

 On Monday, April 10, the Darkside kicks off its 2023 OSU International Film Festival screenings with a one-night showing of “Powerlands”. This award-winning documentary by Navajo director Ivey Camille Manybeads Tso investigates environmental damage and Indigenous displacement by chemical companies, as well as the resistance of Indigenous groups to these attacks. The Portland Tribune calls it a “clear analysis of colonial dynamics spanning continents and centuries.” Powerlands screens at the Darkside Theater in a one-time showing at 7 pm on Monday, April 10. More information available here. 

Four Short Talks at Common Fields 

The Tap-Talk lecture series at Common Fields continues this Sunday, April 9, with a twist. Rather than one talk, the event will be divided into four shorter talks on the shared theme of “Diversifying Community Knowledge”.   

Keshia Anderson will talk about biomimicry and design solutions inspired by nature, Julie Williams on responses to the climate crisis, Azia Salbego on upcoming exhibits at Benton County museums, and Kathy Chambliss on Freshwaters Illustrated’s teacher initiative.   

The event is presented by 500 Women Scientists Corvallis and Common Fields, and runs from 4:45 to 6 pm, Sunday April 9 at Common Fields on Third Street. More information here. 

Master Gardener Talk: Asian Vegetables 

If two movies and four talks weren’t enough, let’s add a webinar. Next Tuesday, April 11th, OSU Extension Master Gardeners present the latest in their Level Up series, a webinar on how to add Asian vegetables to your garden. Kristie Buckland, Vegetable and Specialty Seed Specialist at North Willamette Research and Extension Center, will introduce viewers to a wide array of vegetables that have their culinary and cultural roots in Asia, from gai lan and mizuna to a rainbow of radish varieties. Buckland will also cover disease and pest prevention and the best ways to fertilize and feed these plants. The webinar is free and runs from noon to 1 pm on Tuesday, April 11. Registration and more details here. 

By Ian Rose 

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