Corvallis Parent: Extracurricular Openings We Love, Corvallis School Board Report, Kids Cost More in Oregon

Raising kiddos has always come with financial commitments, and it turns out that’s more the case in Oregon than most other places – our state ranks 8th most expensive nationwide for child associated costs. 

The findings came from a new study by LendingTree. Calculating for two-earner households, they factored for rent, food, child care, clothing, transportation, health care, and state tax exemptions. 

Here in Oregon, they found basic expenses to raise a child average $25,432 annually, which amounts to $252,558 over an 18 year period. On average, Oregon families spend 22.9% of their income on child related expenses. 

Nationally, the average annual costs to raise a kiddo was $21,681, and Hawaii was the most expensive at  $30,506. 

Is all the expense worth it – we’d say absolutely. 

Last Week’s School Board Meeting: It turns out the Association of School Business Officials International likes how Corvallis Schools budget themselves. Superintendent Ryan Noss reported the associated has awarded the district a Meritorious Budget Award – which means the folks in the back office have met stringent criteria in terms of organization, clarity and accuracy. We’ll also mention at this point, that the usual school construction bond update reveals build-out continues to be on time, and on budget. 

The Board also received a construction school excise tax report. New construction in the district is taxed per square foot by the district, and the rate increases yearly based on the Consumer Price index. Long story short, the District anticipates a revenue increase between $175,000 and $200,000 over the next year based on the construction excise tax.  

Want to join the budget committee? They will be looking to fill three citizen member vacancies for the next year, two three year terms, and one two year term. 

Lastly, School Board Member stipends are a new thing, and the subject generated quite a bit of conversation. State law used to disallow these stipends, but new legislation now permits up to $500 monthly. Mostly, the discussion centered on whether the stipends, if enacted, could be waived in whole or part at the discretion of individual Board members. It was generally agreed that the District’s administrative staff would come back with more information before the Board further considers the matter. 

Extracurricular Openings: We’ve  heard the early grumblings over Parks & Rec programs already filled for fall, but wait… there are still some openings. Sleuthing through the listings we uncovered a few pretty sweet opportunities on offer, though we posit the caveat, this was at press time, so you may wanna book your kiddo a slot sooner, rather than later. Here’s what we found… 

Into American Sign Language – In this seven week beginner’s course, students will learn the basics of American Sign Language) through engaging lessons, songs, and games. Children will learn fingerspelling, numbers, sign vocabulary, basic conversation, and cultural information related to the Deaf Community. Signing supports visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning. All that, and it’s fun. Ages 8 to 10, starts Oct. 4. $105 for city residents, $131 for outside of the city. Click here to learn more and register. 

Learn to Draw – This fun workshop for beginners is designed to be an introduction to basic drawing skills. We will explore how to see and draw the shapes of animals, landscape, and objects around us. So if you are a doodler who is looking to take your drawing skills to the next level this is the course for you! No experience is necessary and all materials will be provided. All that, and it’s fun. Ages 7 to 11, starts Oct. 14. $70 for city residents, $88 for outside of the city. Click here to learn more and register. 

Drama Please: Even a little theater experience works wonders for the psyche of a child, whether they be an introvert or extrovert. These experiences build the capacity for confident self-expression, they teach teamwork, and they’re also sublimely fun. Here in Corvallis, we are fortunate to have a community theater, The Majestic, and luckier still, they offer classes for kiddos. 

Mime Time – Whether your child is a seasoned performer or new to the stage, if they’re creative, active, or love telling stories, then Mime Time is the class for them. This four week course is composed of a series of warm-ups, games, and exercises designed to teach students the basic building blocks of mime. Students will learn how to use time and space, as well as their bodies, voices, and imaginations to create and share fully formed stories without sets, props, or costumes. An opportunity to explore the wonders of physical theatre through the introduction to neoclassical miming. Ages 7 to 11, starts Oct. 4. $57 for city residents, $70 for outside of the city. Click here to learn more and register. 

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, The Musical, Jr. – From the Majestic Theatre Youth Production team that brought you Beauty and The Beast, JR and Lion King, JR: now comes your chance for a Fall production camp that will perform on the Majestic Main Stage mid December! Ages 10 to 15, starts Oct. 9. $432 for city residents, $540 for outside of the city. Click here to learn more and register. 

Acting Basics for Teens – Whether you’ve never before had the opportunity to act, you’re prepping for your middle or high school theatre program, or you’d like to increase your confidence, this class aims to equip young actors with new skills (or brush up old ones) so that they feel ready and excited to audition for shows in and around Corvallis. The class will focus on practical techniques, and it’s designed to get anyone up to speed for a dazzling debut on the stage. Ages 11 to 17, starts Oct. 3. $66 for city residents, $82 for outside of the city. Click here to learn more and register. 

Stage Combat for Teens – Does your teen like action movies with intense fight scenes and epic battles? Have they ever pretended to be a superhero, ninja, Jedi, or even a medieval warrior? Do they like to act out their own fake fights and stunts? If the answer is yes, then Stage Combat for Teens is just the class for them! In this four week course, students will learn the basic strategies, moves, and protocols for unarmed and armed stage combat. Come participate in creating the illusion of a real fight, all while doing so safely and accurately.  Ages 12 to 17, starts Oct. 6. $57 for city residents, $70 for outside of the city. Click here to learn more and register. 

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