Winter Whale Watching a DIY Event This Year

Those who want to watch gray whales on their southern migration this year will need to do so on their own. 

The yearly migration to their southern winter waters in Baja, Mexico is a beautiful event to see, but the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department has chosen to not staff their viewing sites.  

According to Chris Havel of the department’s Communication and Research Division, they don’t want to encourage large groups to gather and watch the whales. But, if you do want to see them this year, Havel has some advice.  

“Be aware the best places to do that are the highlands,” said Havel to KLCC. Adding that going onto the sand while waves are coming in high — while looking in the distance — can be dangerous.  

He directed those that are curious to look for maps or tips on what to bring on the department’s website. Those that want to catch the migration season will need to act quickly — it ends mid-January. 

By Ethan Hauck