Will Corvallis Starbucks Unionize?

On April 13, workers at a Starbucks in Eugene voted to unionize, the first to do so in Oregon, and the fourth nationwide. On April 28, four others voted to join and a fifth voted against joining. The other two stores voted May 5 and results have not yet been released. 

Corvallis has three Starbucks locations – not including the licensed versions located within supermarkets. So, will the Corvallis Locations Unionize? 

At each location the employees, who requested to remain anonymous, said they had no interest in unionizing, and some even mentioned they hadn’t heard any grumblings leading to a desire to have a union come in. 

“They treat us well here,” said one employee who was having an Egg Bite during a break. “We have good benefits” agreed two college-aged workers at another location while laughing while making a latte. 

At the third location a more seasoned employee summed it up. “Why would we want to unionize? The company treats us well and has great benefits. I belong to a union through another job, and all they do is take your dues and ‘try’ to make changes. It’s not worth it.”  

According to Northwest Labor Press (NLB), workers at Starbucks in Portland, Beaverton, Gresham, and Eugene are part of a nationwide and statewide effort to unionize at the coffee chain.  

“Starbucks stores nationwide have launched union efforts with Workers United, an affiliate of Service Employees International Union (SEIU),” wrote the NLB. “…Union representation would allow workers to have a voice in developing COVID-19 protocols like limited seating, in addition to changes such as allowing customers to tip via credit card.” NLB also wrote that nearly 250 locations have filed for union elections, with that number changing daily. 

By Stacey Newman Weldon