What Corvallis Airport Will Do With Federal Money

The Corvallis Municipal Airport is set to receive $295,000 from the recently approved bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), which included a $3 billion provision for Airport Infrastructure Grants nationwide. According to Lisa Scherf, the Transportation Services Supervisor for Corvallis’ Department of Public Works, Corvallis has not yet embarked on a process to evaluate possible uses for the new infrastructure money. 

“We have a large project planned for 2022 that will rehabilitate our main runway and add a lighting system to replace failed legacy runway edge lights,” said Scherf. 

According to the City of Corvallis, the 2022 plans include an estimated $3,070,000 Runway 17-35 Rehabilitation Project, with $2,763,000 funded by the Federal Aviation Administration. In 2018, aided by $7,580,000 in FAA Airport Improvement Project (AIP) grants, improvements were made to the other runway. Runway 10-28 saw its runway and taxiway lighting fixed and reconstructed, as well as electrical, drainage and fencing improvements. From July 2020 to October 2021, wildlife fencing around the airport was installed, using a $2.15-million grant. 

The city also has an overall Airport Master Plan, approved in 2014 and slated to cover a ten-year span, showcasing options and decisions for upgrades — including preserving the WWII hangar, more physical improvements to the runways and surrounding property, and a new terminal and tower.   

Additionally, the City of Corvallis Airport Industrial Park Development Plan, created in conjunction with Benton County, includes a boulevard from the northern part of the airport at 53rd Street and Kiger Island Drive, connecting with the Airport gateway at Ingalls Street and Hout Street. 

By Stacey Newman Weldon