Weekly Covid Update – May 5, 2022

May 5, 2022

Benton County:  New Cases: 220, Cumulative Cases: 15,931, Cumulative Deaths: 70

Oregon:  New Cases: 7,982, Cumulative Cases: 726,612, Cumulative Deaths: 7,519

Although the news has been reporting that Covid case numbers are rising with the mask mandate gone, case counts in Benton County went down with 39 fewer new cases of the virus compared to last week. Oregon has seen another 20 deaths attributed to Covid over the past week; None of those deaths were local.

Nationwide, there have been an additional 877,071 cases since our last report on April 21. The death toll has, however, lessened with fewer than 6,000 new deaths in the US during that time. This brings the US totals to 83,338,321 cases and 1,022,339 deaths.

Worldwide, there have been 515,206,847 reported cases of Covid – 8,450,927 new cases since April 21. The reported worldwide death toll from Covid is 6,268,106 with 36,904 since mid-April.

Research Continues

The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported on a plant-based vaccine meant to increase the number of vaccine doses available to people worldwide. With over 24,000 people volunteering to be part of the study, they have found a 69.5% efficacy against any symptomatic Covid caused by the primary five variants, a 78.8% efficacy against moderate-to-severe symptoms, and a 74% efficacy for those who had no antibodies in their systems as a baseline before beginning the study.