Tracking Your Oregon Ballot

With the May 17 elections inching ever closer, it’s about time for voters to start checking the status of their ballot. If you, like many Americans, are nervous about the whereabouts of your vote, there are a few ways to keep track of it. 

First off, if you haven’t received your ballot yet, it’s definitely time to contact the county election office; they were due to be sent by May 3. Our elections office are located at the Kalapuya Building, 4500 SW Research Way, 2nd Floor, in Corvallis, and can be reached by phone at 541-766-6756 or for TTY users at 800-735-2900, or by email at   

Already sent your’s out? Well, every Oregonian can head to the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office website and click on the “My Vote” tab. This allows voters to see whether a ballot has been mailed or received by the proper county officials. 

Something that’s been noticed by eagle-eyed readers is that the Secretary of State’s website doesn’t actually clarify if ballots are accepted – only if they’re received. As such, issues with signatures may lead to some voters receiving a letter to rectify or “cure” the issue. To do so, voters will submit a second signature that must match the signature on the ballot. 

Following May 17, voters have two weeks – that’s 14 days – to cure their signature; once this deadline passes, election results are finalized.  

People living in Marion, Yamhill, Washington, or Multnomah counties can track their ballot through BallotTrax. This system allows users to sign up for a free subscription, as well as phone, email, or voice updates as their ballots are processed. Users will be able to differentiate between “accepted” and “received” ballots, allowing them to act more quickly. While some areas have chosen to not fund BallotTrax after the state pulled funding, those who do use it have found it wildly helpful in tracking accepted ballots. 

Ballots must be postmarked by Election Day, May 17, and may be received up to seven days later due to a change in law from the Oregon Legislature in 2021.  

To find your local ballot drop site, click here. 

By Ethan Hauck 

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