Sections of Santiam State Forest Reopening

The wildfires of the past two years caused a lot of damage — as most Oregonians know.  

Among the casualties of the past two years’ wildfires was Santiam National Forest, which will be seeing sections reopening to the public this month. 

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) plans to reopen roughly 4,000 acres of Santiam National Forest; the area north of Highway 22 in eastern Marion County will be reopened, including the Niagara and Rocky Top areas.  

ODF says that post-fire cleanup and hazard tree mitigation efforts are now finished, although some areas will still be difficult to access thanks to snow.  

While these sections are reopening, there are some other popular areas that will remain closed to the public, specifically Shellburg Falls and the High Lakes Recreation Area. 

If you plan to head out to state or federal areas, be sure to check agency websites to see if they’ve reopened yet. There are many sections of Oregon’s public forests that will remain closed thanks to wildfire damage, including several sections of the Willamette National Forest. 

For those who are curious about what sections of the Santiam National Forest have reopened or will reopen soon, visit the ODF’s website.