Preparing for Wildfire Season

With May bringing increasingly toasty weather, state officials are warning that wildfire season will soon be upon Oregon. As wildfire season approaches, state and fire officials are warning that everyone in potential danger zones should begin preparations to reduce the chances of fire impacting their property. 

Among the pieces of advice given are to: 

  • Remove debris from roofs and gutters, such as dead leaves and other vegetation, 
  • Remove flammable items from exterior walls, such as furniture, 
  • Reduce as much vegetation as possible from beneath trees on your property to help prevent fire from spreading to upper branches, 
  • And consider planting fire-resistant vegetation around your home landscape. 

“If we can control what happens right around our home, right in our home ignition zone, it can really increase the chance of our home surviving a wildfire,” said Alison Green with the Oregon Fire Marshal’s office to KLCC. 

For more information on fire prevention, go to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) public education page. 

By Ethan Hauck