Oregon Coast Trail On Deck for Completion

The Oregon Coast Trail, which follows the 362 miles of coastline that spans from Washington to California, is full of disconnected sections that pose a risk to hikers. Now, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department plans to connect those gaps and is asking for the public’s input. 

Diane Navarrete, who works at the OPRD, said 10% of the trail has gaps that force hikers to find an alternate route to continue along the trail. 

“People have to either walk along Highway 101 in unsafe conditions,” said Navarrete. “Or there’s just a gap – and you can not get from point A to point B” 

OPRD will be working alongside the Federal Highway Administration, the Association of Oregon Counties, and Oregon Solutions to create a plan for the years-long project. If all goes according to plan, a list of possible solutions will be presented this spring, and a draft of the action plan will be presented in the summer. 

The action plan will include identifying the disconnected sections of the trail and making plans to maintain the trail over time in terms of services and funding. 

To learn more about the project or to offer your two cents, this online open house will be available until Feb. 11. 

By Momoko Baker 

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