O Dandelion, Co-dependence, Math No-No, Stupidity, & more…

O Dandelion 


O dandelion that I see

All beautiful and yellowy

Your hours are lowly numbered


Gardeners have you in their sights

Prepare for reading of last rites

Cuz you will soon succumber


A sunny, cheerful, common weed

That will not get to spread its seed

Because it is the target


Of pulling, yanking, and indeed

The chemicals in Weed and Feed

On sale at Garland’s market



Squirrels make nests in walnut trees
On branches way up high
The trees make nuts that squirrels stash
When winter’s standing by

And buried nuts sometimes grow up
To make a brand new tree
That’s full of nests constructed by
The first squirrels’ progeny

Humans too fit in this scheme
So tell your legislature
That you support the partnership
Of all that’s human-nature



To the tailor the lawyer beseeches
In a string of emotional speeches
Give back his fixed jeans
When they’re due by all means
Or he’ll sue for a promise of breeches


Math No-No 

Different folks see Donald Trump

As scoundrel or as hero

The U.S. problem I see with him?

Division by a zero




Stupidity is a powerful thing 

With many a consequence 

In your case it has given you 

Excessive confidence 


(adapted from Franz Kafka) 



One Lie-ner 

Autocorrect is my biggest enema 


Kevin Ahern is an Oregon State University professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics. In his retirement, he writes verses.