New Sunday Market in Town – 9th Street Community Market

If you happen to walk down 9th St. between Hayes and Grant on a Sunday, you might have seen the newest street market to hit town. It’s called the 9th Street Community Market, and it’s held on the mural side of High Quality Lifestyle Store and Dispensary, located at 1435 NW 9th St Unit 110, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. every Sunday. 

“We basically put it out there that we invited crafters, makers, artists to come set up a table and a little pop-up tent and display their stuff,” High Quality owner Trevor Griesmeyer said. “We’re trying to find ways to be involved in our community – let’s say acceptable ways since we’re a cannabis business, and we’ve found it a bit of a challenge.”  

High Quality has made inroads in finding their place in the business community locally. They’ve been a member of the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce for about a year-and-a-half now, offering them connections with other business leaders in the area. Many are still hesitant to have their names linked to the business in general, so Griesmeyer chose to found something on his own to connect to the people in town.   

“It started out with a couple handfuls of booths out there, and now we’re up around 24,” Griesmeyer said. “The last couple of times, we’ve had one of the food carts out there – Terra’s Tastee Treats… And we’ve had live music playing. We’re just trying to make a fun community area for people to come, gather, and see all the good stuff.”  

For those worried about the appropriateness of this for children, Griesmeyer said that while part of his store is reserved for those 21 and older, the Market is for all ages. In fact, half of High Quality is even open to all ages as it sells hemp and CBD items with no mood altering properties beyond the good feeling of buying renewable products.   

The Market began August 21 and is estimated to run in the open until November 13. After that – as the rain will likely be a more prevalent part of life as we get to the winter months, Griesmeyer plans to have it come indoors to the side of High Quality which is open to all ages.  

If you’re interested in selling at the 9th Street Community Market, give them a call at  541-286-4771.  

“The response that we’ve gotten has just been really encouraging for us in the industry we’re in,” Griesmeyer said. “Certainly there’s still a stigma out there on cannabis in general and this industry, so it’s been fun. We’ve enjoyed this role of trying to educate our community and be more involved, and show [that] we’re a group of local people here and we really want to be part of our community in whatever way we can.”   

By Sally K Lehman 

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