Nancy Wyse Chosen Chair of Benton County Board

On the one year anniversary of being sworn in as a Benton County Commissioner, Nancy Wyse was chosen to be Board Chair. The Board was previously chaired by Commissioner Xan Augerot, with Commissioner Pat Malone rounding out the three-person Board.   

With this new position, Wyse will be taking on the tasks of administrating meetings, planning agendas, and responding to constituents who reach out to the Board of Commissioners. Other priorities on her agenda include improving public records access and transparency, steps forward on the Justice System Implementation Program, and land use stewardship. 

We asked Wyse how she felt about this new position. 

“I’m excited for this opportunity to learn and to grow in my leadership capacity,” she said. “Looking back at the past year, there have been many challenges. Even so, there are several great memories that stand out.” 

Those memories include bringing forth her first resolution – in condemnation of the Jan. 6 Insurrection in DC – and representing the board at the City of Monroe’s park grand re-opening on Sept. 11. 

Over the years, Wyse has given back to the Benton County area in several ways. She served on the Corvallis City Council for two terms – voted unanimously to the position of vice president in her second term. She’s also served on several boards and committees, and will continue on many as she takes on the reins as County Board Chair.  

A native Oregonian, Wyse made her way to Corvallis as a student at Oregon State University. While living in town, she met and married Reid Wyse. They have two daughters – Natalie and Ila. 

“I know 2022 will present us with some challenges,” Wyse said, “but with challenges come opportunities.” 

By Sally K Lehman 

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