Mid-Valley Bicycle Club Keeps Corvallisites Moving

Founded in 1974, the Mid-Valley Bicycle Club is a nonprofit organization that has been bringing bicyclists together for decades. MVBC is the largest of its kind with over 350 members, and hosts a variety of bicycle-related activities including weekly rides and multi-day summer bike tours. 

MVBC encourages all bicyclists to join, regardless of age or experience level. Some rides are slow-paced while others are faster, and they vary between gravel and paved roads. 

The weekly rides are all local – ranging from 13 to over 58 miles in length – and follow a different route nearly every time. Rides happen rain or shine – but as Oregonians, you probably already know this. 

Aside from weekly rides, MVBC hosts a multitude of other cycling-related events. They host the annual Covered Bridge Bicycle Tour fundraiser in August, and in the fall they have their four-day bike packing trip called the Coast Gravel Ride Adventure, which follows the Corvallis to Sea Trail.  

Members pay an annual membership; $10 for students, $25 for individuals, and $35 for families. Non-members are invited to join one ride as a guest, as long as they sign a liability waiver. 

“Not only does membership offer fitness, fun and camaraderie, we also actively support our mission of promoting bicycle advocacy and education,” says membership director Eileen Tokuda. 

With membership fees, MVBC is able to make financial contributions to bicycle education programs at local schools in Corvallis and Albany, and provide bike helmets at low to no cost for eligible members of the community. 

The 2022 ride schedule is currently posted on their website, with rides coming up on Wednesday, Jan. 12 and Saturday, Jan. 15. If you haven’t thought of a New Year’s resolution yet, maybe this is your sign to brush the cobwebs off your bike and get cycling! 

By Momoko Baker