Mayoral Candidate Vacates Council Seat

City Councilor Charles Maughan has moved, and it’s causing a bit of a stir.  

Maughan no longer lives in Ward 2, meaning he has had to step down as a City Councilor for that ward. Add to the confusion, his vacated seat must be filled within 60 days – by Sept. 15 to be exact. Oddly, Maughan is hoping to replace himself as Ward 2 Councilor, which could happen if he is nominated and appointed despite not living in the ward. 

All of this is happening as we zoom toward the election for all nine of the council positions in November and mayor.  

While Maughan hopes to keep his seat at the council table, it would be short-lived – as his term of office ends at the close of the year.  

To add to the confusion, Maughan is also running for the mayoral seat along with two others to date – Council Vice-President Andrew Struthers and Roen Hogg. 

If you or anyone you know is interested in being the Ward 2 City Councilor through Dec. 31, you can find a nomination packet at Corvallis City Hall, the Corvallis Library, the Corvallis Community Center, or online here. This packet is also the one used to run for a council seat or for mayor. 

The filing period for anyone else who wants to run for Mayor, or for any of the Council seats, begins Monday, Aug. 1. 

By Marissa Roberts 

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