Maughan Wins Mayoral Race by 34 Votes, Cadena Wins Ward 9 

The tally is still unofficial, but it appears Charles Maughan will be our next mayor. This was a ranked choice vote, and on election night, neither of the three candidates had over 50% – it was Maughan leading with 7,882 , then Andrew Struthers at 7,114, while Roen Hogg trailed at third place with 5,500.  

Now, with the second choice votes counted, it’s 9,890 for Maughan and 9,856 for Struthers, a 34 vote difference. 

In our post debate analysis of Maughan, we reported he was the only candidate of the three to be outspokenly opposed to sweeps of homeless encampments in our city with some proposed short – and long-term solutions. We also noted he had the endorsements of Doyle Canning, Corvallis community member and activist Jen Butler, and Sunrise Corvallis – whom Maughan had worked with on their Corvallis Green New Deal for Housing and Climate Justice, which the City Council ultimately passed.  

In City Council Ward 9 

On election nights the totals had Tony Cadena at 43.87%, Nyssa Towsley at 33.26% and Cliff Feldman at 22.25%. With Feldman’s voters second choices now distributed, it’s Cadena 57.5%,  Towsley 42.5%. 

Cadena has lived in Corvallis since 1995, and has been involved with local government almost everywhere he’s lived. Holding an MBA from Stanford, he’s been a Willamette University professor. He ran on a platform that included affordable housing, efforts for a sustainable and vibrant environment for local businesses and, livability.  

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