Majestic Theatre’s Jimbo Ivy Terminated by City

The longtime Supervisor at the Majestic Theatre – a part of the Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department – was terminated as of July 8. Jimbo Ivy announced his termination over Facebook in a long look at how he believes things are being seen through the eyes of the ever-rotating staff of the venue. 

According to Ivy, he was let go because the “department director ordered me to not share any additional information with the community about the Majestic Theatre budget or the efforts of the Majestic Ambassadors to ask our City Council to support sustainable, equitable operations at the Majestic.” Ivy said, “I was advised that the efforts of the Ambassadors to ask the City Council for more than a single full-time employee to support Majestic operations was ‘incompatible with the City Manager’s vision’ and to not share information about it with our community.”  

Ivy went on to say that he was unable to ethically follow that directive. He added that it was “the final chapter in a long saga of marginalization of the Majestic Theatre by the City, despite it being a fixture in our artistic community and dollar for dollar the most financially effective Parks and Recreation unit.”  

Ivy claims that over the seven years and nearly 1,000 performances for which he has been part of the theater, the Majestic has recovered 83% of the money invested into productions, whereas other Parks & Rec services re-coop only 30-60% of their outgoing costs.  

As Ivy’s Facebook post came to an end, he wrote, “My biggest regret is that I won’t be able to continue the work towards making the Majestic a space that supports historically marginalized communities, and more generally the work I was doing to improve access within all of P&R. I fear for the future of such work without a passionate advocate in a position of power willing to make changes that center historically marginalized communities even if (especially if) it negatively impacts the dominant white cultures that are currently centered in all of our societies’ spaces and places.” 

We reached out to both Ivy and the Parks & Rec Department for further comment. We were unable to get in touch with either by press time. 

By Sally K Lehman 

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