Majestic Plans for New Full Time Employee

During budgeting, Corvallis Parks & Recreation Department asked the City Council to provide funding for one additional Full Time Employee (FTE) at the Majestic Theatre for the fiscal year. The Budget Commission and City Council received comments from the community in support of this FTE. Regardless, the Council asked Parks & Rec to look harder at their budget to determine what expenses could be decreased or deleted to free up money to pay at least part of the FTE expense.  

The Majestic’s budget has increased from last year to this year. Last year’s dedicated levy increased by nearly 5% from $139,900 to $146,700; charges for services have decreased by 29% from $366,200 to $260,000; and donations and other miscellaneous contributions increased by 2.52% from $139,000 to $142,500. In total, the overall budget decreased by almost 15% from $645,100 in the 2021/2022 fiscal year to $549,200 in the 2022/2023 fiscal year. 

Expenses include the cost of current FTE’s and benefits which have increased by over 16%; part time and temporary employee salaries which have increased by 36% from $225,000 to $306,000; and other expenses which have decreased by just over 34% from 257,900 to $170,000. Overall expenses for the Majestic have increased by 4.58% from $721,000 in the 2021/2022 fiscal year to $754,000 in the 2022/2023 fiscal year. To be noted is that 77.5% of the budget is attributed to employee expenses.  

The added cost of the requested FTE is $100,000 for salary and benefits. The cost for a three-quarters employee would be $75,000. On average, the cost for an employee increases by 7% each year.  

Parks & Rec Planning 

  1. The department looked into ways to transition to a model which would reduce reliance on part time employees in favor of volunteer-based work and independent contract workers.  
  2. A second part of the planning would at the program level. The goal being to meet revenue expectations through sales, long-term rental bookings, and special event hosting. These would increase revenue by catering to a broader range of possible income sources. 
  3. Parks & Red is taking a hard look at the current FTE position of Theatre Supervisor recently vacated by Jimbo Ivy. The goal is “to align the role with the Department’s overall needs in the areas of arts, culture, and community engagement.”  
  4. Finally, they are adjusting non-supervisory jobs as a means of meeting the operations and program support in a more efficient manner. 
  5. The Majestic would also like to create a Majestic Theatre Advisory Committee to assist them in making decisions going forward.

By making these changes over the next six-to-nine months, they believe that costs will be reduced at the theater, making the Majestic more able to support another FTE role in the 2023/2024 fiscal year. 

By Sally K Lehman 

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