Government: Tobacco Talks, Millpond Crossing Skipped, Ranked Choice Voting

More Tobacco Talks: The 1,000 foot rule for tobacco sales was brought up with the County Health Department having time to express their opinions about an exception for Tokn – a Corvallis cannabis store looking to move into the tobacco market. Appearing in the meeting were Suzanne Hoffman, Sara Hartstein, and Andy Chuinard, with legal precedent being supplied by County Attorney Vance Croney.   

According to Croney, there are no regulations in the City of Corvallis or any other Benton County city which would immediately disallow the exemption being made. Hartstein spoke about the health effects of tobacco and the need to keep tobacco products out of the hands of children. Board Chair Nancy Wyse expressed concern over having to repeatedly make exceptions to the rule if it was allowed this time.  

No News is Bad News for Some Philomath Residents: The Philomath City Council met on September 12, and one item on the agenda that didn’t make the time limit was the issues at the Millpond Crossing subdivision.   

The list of grievances from those home buyers who bought in Phase 1 and Phase 2A of the development are numerous and serious – methane under houses and tainted drinking water at the top of the list. However, Councilor Catherine Biscoe, who was on the agenda to speak to these issues, wasn’t given time. Biscoe’s summary of the situation was included in the Philomath Councilors’ packets.    

Ranked Choice Voting: This November will be the second chance for Corvallis residents to use Rank Choice Voting where they select their first, second, and third choice for a specific race. This type of voting is only used in cases where three or more candidates run for a specific office.  

This year, there are three candidates for Mayor and three for the Ward 9 Council seat. 

By Advocate Staff 

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