Government: Please Vote, Public Works Approved for JSIP, Exotic Animal Ban to be Rewritten

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again: You need to make sure you are registered to vote. It’s one of the few ways you can have your voice heard, and it’s relatively easy to do. The Secretary of State’s office has one-stop-shopping for finding out if you’re registered, registering if you are not registered, and tracking your ballot once you’ve sent it in.  

This November will see the changing of our Mayor, several Ward Councilors, our Representative to Congress, and our Governor. Also on the line is the seat held since 1996 by Sen. Ron Wyden and the seat held since 2015 by Sen. Sara Gelser Blouin.   

Standing momentarily on our soapbox, we’d like to remind our readers that voting is a privilege that not all people have. We would ask that you exercise your privilege on November 8. And here’s a list of local election information to assist you. Also, look for our live candidate debates coming soon. 

Public Works Determination: The Benton County Commissioners voted unanimously to not seek competitive bids on the construction of the new courthouse and District Attorney offices. The contract for the work will stay with the County Public Works Department.  

Exotic Animal Ban Revisions: In 2018, Benton County officials created a ban on displays of wild and exotic animals in the County. The ban created exemptions for filmmakers, educational institutions, and places that care for animals.   

Unfortunately, the ban has led to confusion due to the large numbers of animals it might legally ban – including horses, raccoons, and stingrays. County Council Vance Croney noted that to understand the full list one would need to be a biologist. It was decided to rewrite the ordinance and better define the limits of the ban to maintain the intent behind it. 

By Advocate Staff  

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