Government: Corvallis Green New Deal Discussion, School Board Issues Included Tardiness, Poor Sound Quality, Homework on Film, Ironic Edits to Norms

Corvallis Green New Deal: In the Oct. 3 Corvallis City Council meeting, the issue of the Corvallis Green New Deal (CGND) was discussed at length by a selection of public commenters.  

Looking online for specific things that would be addressable as action items, Sunrise Corvallis did outline six goals which included securing clean air, ensuring funding for the CGND, achieving net zero greenhouse gases, and other ideas. What would this new deal mean in actual work being done? As City Manager Mark Shepard said, “This is both a very broad and very specific proposal.”  

The Councilors spoke at length over wording of the different sections of the document.   

School Board Tardy to Meeting: For those who watched the School Board meeting Sept. 29, the 6:30 p.m. start time was a bit of a misnomer. The virtual audience sat for 38 minutes with a slide saying the meeting would start soon. The late start was due to an executive session that ran over.  

Sound Issues: An additional problem came as the board members began to speak. For some reason, despite all board members turning on their microphones before speaking, the only members who could adequately be heard were Vince Adams, Shauna Tominey, and Luhui Whitebear. Superintendent Ryan Noss consistently turned away from his microphone, leaving attendees able to hear only snippets of what he had to say.    

Speaking to Board Chair Sarah Finger McDonald, she said that she would speak to her technical people about the issue. 

On Camera Homework: Another issue at hand was the idea of completing worksheets on camera. Oregon School Boards Association Specialist Kristen Miles led the board through an exercise from a retreat the members attended. Unfortunately, unless the audience had gone through the agenda and had a copy of the worksheets in front of them, those attending were subject to watching tops of heads in silence.   

Corvallis School Board Norms: One final issue brought up was that Boardmember Adams had reorganized and updated the Board Norms to be more reflective of the current board members and the ways in which they intend to work together.  

Ironically, Whitebear pointed to line item one in section B – “Board meetings will start and end on time” – as in need of a slight edit. She suggested the wording should reflect the possibility that the board might be late.  

Continuing edits are in Adams’s hands.  

By Advocate Staff 

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