Government: Ballot Drop Box Sites, Election Results Release Plan, Completed Communications Survey for Corvallis School District

Ballot Drop Box Sites: Today is Election Day, and if you haven’t returned your ballot yet, there are 15 24-hour hour official ballot drop boxes and one indoor drop box available in Benton County. 

In Corvallis, ballot drop boxes can be found at the following locations:  

  • Kalapuya Building 

Drop box in parking lot 

4500 SW Research Way, Corvallis OR 97333 

  • OSU Gill Coliseum 

Corner of Ralph Miller Ln and 26th St 

660 SW 26th St, Corvallis OR 97331 

  • Lincoln Health Center 

Drop box at center of parking lot 

121 SE Viewmont Ave, Corvallis OR 97333 

  • Corvallis-Benton County Public Library 

Drop box next to bike rack at corner of 6th St and Monroe Ave 

645 NW Monroe Ave, Corvallis OR 97330 

  • Benton County Courthouse 

Courthouse lawn on 4th St 

120 NW 4th St, Corvallis OR 97330 

  • Law Enforcement Building 

Near entrance on 5th St 

180 NW 5th St, Corvallis OR 97330 

  • LBCC Benton Center 

Drop box near main entrance 

757 NW Polk Ave, Corvallis OR 97330 

  • Corvallis Community Center (C3) 

Drop box near main entrance 

2601 NW Tyler Ave, Corvallis OR 97330  

  • Wells Fargo Bank 

Timberhill Shopping Center 

2543 NW Kings Blvd, Corvallis OR 97330  

  • City Limits Market 

Drop box near main entrance 

5800 NW Hwy 99W, Corvallis OR 97330  

Ballots must be returned to a drop box no later than 8 p.m. today. For those looking for more voter information or guidance on candidates and measures, you can check out The Advocate’s endorsements or review the Benton County Voters’ Pamphlet  

Election Results Release Plan: A reminder to voters from Corvallis election officials that ranked choice voting results for the Mayoral and Ward 9 City Council races may arrive a few weeks after 8 p.m. tonight, when unofficial election results for all other races will be made available.  

First-choice votes will be reported with the unofficial election results; however, if no candidate in these races receives more than 50% of votes, the Benton County Elections Office will instead proceed with tallying second-choice votes.  

Unofficial ranked choice voting totals are anticipated to be made available on Dec. 1, with official totals announced on Dec. 5.  

A detailed timeline of election results can be found on Benton County’s website.  

Completed Communications Survey for Corvallis School District: At Thursday’s School Board meeting, the Corvallis School District announced that they had received 102 responses from community members who participated in the communications review survey, which gathers input about the district’s communication efforts to determine how effectively people are receiving the information they want and need from the district. 

The survey included questions about the following: 

  • Communications from the district, school, and classroom Crisis communication 
  • Two-way communication 
  • District communication tools 
  • Overall district image 

Review survey findings and recommendations – including those pertaining to the district’s communication documents and messages – will be shared with the community over the next several weeks and be used to make improvements to the district’s communications program. 

By Advocate Staff 

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