From Bad to Verse: Zeroing In, Clearing Things Up, A Relationship in 10 Lines

Zeroing In 

I got a zero on my test 

Despite what I’d been taught 

It meant all of my studying 

Was literally for naught 


Clearing Things Up 

My recent speech 

Went very sour 

With laryngitis 

I had just one hoarse power 


A Relationship in 10 Lines 

He says he can’t live without you 

He can 

And you’re the only one for him 

You’re not 

He’s never felt like this before 

He has 

And he won’t go on without you 

He will 

And he just wants one more chance 



The Great Escape  

(This is a verse I wrote about an odd story of a giant inflatable duck that broke loose in a harbor in Maine.) 


Hail to thee, inflatable duck 

Aspiring to be free 

Taking advantage when you got 

The opportunity 


So it was we cheered as you 

In Maine just this past week 

Broke free of all your moorings 

And followed your orange beak 


By exiting the harbor 

Hightailing out of there 

You’ve made yourself the envy of 

Rubber duckies everywhere 


We wish you godspeed, Mr. Duck 

No doubt, it must be pleasin’ 

Escaping town before they start 

Inflatable duck hunting season 


Kevin Ahern is an Oregon State University professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics. In his retirement, he writes verses. 

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