From Bad to Verse: The Alphabet of Sounds 

The Alphabet of Sounds 

A is for the way you’re taken 

When you’re taken A way 

B is for the time B 4 

You learned this game to play 


C is for the C, son 

Winter, fall, or spring 

D is for the D p end 

You’re headed to in this thing 


E is for E responsible 

Which you are when loudly yelling 

F is for the F ing way 

You did the above E spelling 


G is for G willickers 

It’s like golly, but much more 

H is simply standing for  

H air beside the door 


I is for the I c way 

Water is before a thaw 

J is for the J ler 

Holding those who break the law 


K is for the K oss 

Created entropically 

L is for the L ephant 

That lives most tropically 


M is for the M inence 

Of some important folk 

N is for the N ding 

Of this long rhyming joke 


O is for the O fishness 

Exhibited by jerks 

P is for the P cock 

Who fans his tail to flirt 


Q is for the Q T 

You were when you were young 

R is for the R guments 

You hardly ever won 


S is for S tablishment 

You railed against in youth 

T is for the T thing ring 

That helped with your first tooth 


U is for U nited groups 

Of people standing tall 

V is for the V ps we’ve had 

Behind the Presidents all 


W is for W er winnings 

Which happens with a good bet 

X is for the X spouse  

You’d rather now forget 


Y is for the Y ne you drink 

Be it red or be it white 

And Z is for the Z row you’ll get 

If you read this verse instead of studying tonight 


Kevin Ahern is an Oregon State University professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics. In his retirement, he writes verses. 

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