From Bad to Verse: Pumpkin Patch Down Near the Bog, Autumn, Holiday Sales


Mist and fogs and splitting logs 

And walking in the forest 

Goblins, ghosts and cinnamon toast 

The autumn’s now before us 


Limerick (Untitled) 

My pumpkin patch down near the bog 

Is frequently covered in fog 

I’m afraid that by gosh 

Thieves might steal the squash 

Perhaps I should get a gourd dog 


Yeast of Our Worries 

Two chunks of bread 

With love perverse 

Went and eloafed 

For butter or worse 



Potato plants – subterranean joys 

Converting soil into potatoes 

Tomato plants do the same above 

Turning earth into tomatoes 


A barista said that’s not profound 

She converts beans into the ground 


Holiday Sales 

Stores are starting holiday sales 

Earlier than I remember 

So I’m expecting after-Christmas sales 

Beginning in November 


The Shape of Things to Come 

The football 

Season will dominate soon 

A great way to spend a sunny afternoon 

Opponents collide, and run and go chasing a ball 

They tackle and block and the pigskin sails thru the air. It’s Fall 

A halfback runs to the opponent’s end zone – it’s great 

Slamming the ball to the turf, players celebrate 

And when complete, all of these athletes 

Kick the ball to the other side, then 

The process repeats itself 



Kevin Ahern is an Oregon State University professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics. In his retirement, he writes verses. 

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