From Bad to Verse: Life Lesson, Science Faction, Feathered Filler

Life Lesson 

I think a library 

Is a place that’s prime 

It’s where shhhh happens 

All the time 


Science Faction 

We wish Star Wars allegory writers 

The best of luck, it’s true 

And leave them with these parting words 

“Metaphors be with you” 


Feathered Filler 

When my breakfast I gave 

To two wrens at home 

I filled two birds 

With one scone 


Limerick (Untitled) 

The art critics sure are in awe 

Of impressionist paintings they saw 

They all asked him whether 

He paints with a feather 

The famous bird artist Wren-oir 



Mister Robin 

Loudly sing 


The start of spring 


But if your voice 

Should turn to mum 

Does that mean spring 

Will never come? 


Ride the Wind 

Catching wind in parachutes 

Those two are riding high 

It seems to me their names should be 

“Pair o’ sailors” of the sky 


Belief System 

If belief had any power at all 

We wouldn’t be able to fly 

And way up there above us 

Zeus would rule the sky 


Our world would be quite different 

It’s very safe to say that 

Because instead of being round 

It would be flat 


And everyone, at least once a year 

Would have happiness because 

They’d all be getting prezzies 

From Santa Claus 


Plus computers would be cheaper 

And simpler, by the way 

Because no one would need one 

With more than 640 K  

(Thanks, Bill Gates) 


So belief is rather meaningless 

But the point is not to taunt 

Cuz I know you believe in believing 

Anything you want 


Kevin Ahern is an Oregon State University professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics. In his retirement, he writes verses. 

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