From Bad to Verse: Duncan Rhymes, The Woodpecker, Ears To Ya

One Lie-ner 

Soda machines are coiniverous 


Limerick (Untitled) 

Consider poor Richard and Russell 

In trouble while visiting Brussels 

Russ took the heat 

For pushing shrimp meat 

While Richard was pulling a mussel 


Duncan Rhymes 

A good cake mix 

That most prefer 

Is one that causes 

Quite a stir 


Kitty Letter 

Poems by cats 

Could not be worse 

Because they all 

Are just purr verse 


The Woodpecker 

Woodpecker, woodpecker 

Pounding away 

Doing the same thing 

Every day 


That sound you make 

I do recall 

When I am beating 

My head on the wall 



A melody is a musical thread 

Buried in the sounds of a song 

Dancing around inside my head 

All day long 


Ears To Ya 

Though they may be 

Head de-forming 

Earmuffs promote 

Lobal Warming 



We had a planet 

That got uncrowned 

It used to go 

Round and round 


It still goes round 

But taken for granted 

Now it sulks 

Cuz it’s not a planet 


Cheer up, dear Pluto.   

At least you’re existin’ 

And still a member 

Of our solar system 


Kevin Ahern is an Oregon State University professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics. In his retirement, he writes verses. 

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