From Bad to Verse: Down on the Ground, Out With the Tide, At the Sylvia Beach Hotel

Down on the Ground

Backpacking, you say?

No way, here’s why

It’s better to let

Sleeping bags lie

Out With the Tide

They had a romance that was intense

Entwining each young heart

But sadly, the houseboat couple

Is slowly drifting apart

For Goodness Cakes

Cookbook poets

Are quite diverse

And they all write

For batter or verse

At the Sylvia Beach Hotel

When to the Oregon Coast I go

I get to know

Hercule Poirot

And Edgar Allen Poe

And Dorian Gray

And Hemingway

And Potter, Harry

From Rowling, J.K.

I sleep with Agatha Christie

Go 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

And stay up late

With The Great Gatsby

There’s Moby Dick in the ocean

And Sometimes a Great Notion

And The Taming of the Shrew

And Alice Walker’s Purple hue

There’s Steinbeck’s Charley

And Kesey gnarly

It’s quite insane

And, for good measure, Mark Twain

These folks young and old

Have tales to tell

And their stories get told

At the Sylvia Beach Hotel

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