Election Debate Videos Available Here… Free

Yep, we know you get busy, so we’ve made watching this season’s local primary debates easy. Below, you’ll find the debate videos for Oregon’s 4th Congressional district, and for the Benton County Board of Commissioners race, which also includes a discussion of proposed Corvallis Public School Tax renewal.

Ballots are already in the mail, and due in by May 17.

CitySpeak Congressional Debate Livestream

Eight candidates are seeking Congressman Pete DeFazio’s seat – he’s retiring after more than three decades – and at first glance each of the contestants seems fairly similar, but on further examination, they’re not. This town hall is an opportunity for you question the candidates and find out what they’d do if they make it to Washington DC.

CitySpeak Election Debates Livestream: Benton County Commissioner Candidates Debate, and the Corvallis Public Schools Tax Levy

Closer to home, an intraparty squabble has broken out among Democrats over who should sit on the three-member board that governs our county. Oddly, this race for Benton County Commissioner Position 1 has been more of a surprise than the congressional race, because nobody was anticipating the current commissioner’s race.
Position 1 incumbent Pat Malone is well supported within his party, and challenger Helen Higgins is also well known and supported within Democratic circles. Yet the two candidates have decidedly different views when it comes to the county’s next four years.

There is also a Corvallis Public Schools Tax Levy on the ballot this cycle, so we will be hosting a brief discussion between School Board Chair Sarah Finger-McDonald and prior school board candidate Richard Arnold during the Commissioner debate.


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