CTS Buses Still Low on Drivers

If there seem to be fewer buses on the road these days, there are. A shortage in bus drivers continues to plague the area, causing Benton County to change routes on a moment’s notice some days.   

The Advocate first wrote about the issue in November of last year, when several routes were altered and canceled. The issue is that there are simply not enough drivers to cover all bus routes, and many drivers are being lured away with better pay at competing companies.  

When a bus schedule is changed, the City of Corvallis makes note of it on their city website. If you rely on the service, please check there before heading out for the day.  

Additionally, the city has asked that you not try to have a conversation with your driver about this issue as they drive. We all want them to remain focused on the road.  

If you would like to speak to someone about local bus service, call 541-766-6998 to talk to a CTS Dispatch person. 

By Sally K Lehman