Corvallis School Board: Budgets, Summer Work, Online Classes

The Corvallis School District Board members adopted a $243 million budget for 2022/23. The budget includes the $8.7 million local option levy approved by voters in May, as well as $5.9 million in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief ESSER funds from the federal recovery act.  

There was no public testimony pertaining to the budget at Thursday’s meeting. The fiscal year will begin July 1.  

The school board also heard updates on bond projects. Some projects had been postponed to this summer due to fires, and the supply challenges continue. The College Hill/Harding Center project will begin this summer, and the College Hill High School will be relocated to the Western View Center. Many of the bond projects are nearing completion or under contract.  

As part of collective action on the agenda, Corvallis Online is being closed, with an online option staying open for high schoolers on a part-time basis. The district started the program in 2020/21 to provide a fully online option for students and families. The online program had its first graduate in April. 

Electric vehicle stations that have been installed at some of the schools will begin charging $0.25 to $0.50/KWh starting July 1 to pay for licensing, contracts, electricity and ongoing costs. 

By Peggy Perdue 

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