Corvallis Parents: Day Camp Options, ABC House Superhero Run, from Seeing Art to Making Art and Graphic Novels, and Where Exactly is Waldo

We get it. You’re busy and having the kids at home all day makes life even busier somehow. Add to that, you forgot to look into day camp activities that could teach the young’uns a thing or two while leaving you open to shop for groceries or, let’s be honest, take a nap. 

Here’s the cool thing… It’s not too late to get your kids into a fun summer camp. That’s one of the beautiful things about living in our little town – the folks in charge want to be there for you. So here’s the skinny on camps that are still available:

Animal Morphs by Ultracamps – investigating prey and predator behavior and more; for ages 5-11; Aug. 15-19; cost is $275. 

The Chintimni Wildlife Center has openings in several camps. You can find those still open on their registration page. 

KidSpirit Gymnastics; classes available for kids from the age of 2 on up; cost ranges from $76 for Tiny Tots, $115 for Level 1, and $115 for Level 2. 

Archery Camps; classes beginning July 25 and Aug. 5; cost is $206. 

Cooking Academy; two-week long course on Science in the Kitchen (starts Aug. 8) and Top Chef (starts Aug. 22). 

Summer STEM at OSU – Introduction to Engineering for grades 4-5; July 25-29; costs $160 with scholarships available 

Summer STEM at OSU – Making with Microcontrollers for grades 6-8; July 25-29; costs $160 with scholarships available. 

Summer STEM at OSU – Computational Biology; for grades 7-9; July 25-29; costs $160 with scholarships available. 

Summer STEM at OSU– Wild About Wildlife; for grades 6-8; Aug. 1-5; costs $160 with scholarships available. 

Corvallis Boys & Girls Club has some availability for grade 4-8; to find if they have room, call 541-757-1909. 

If Running’s More Your Speed: ABC House has opened registration for their Superhero Fun Run & Walk. 

This is a new event for Corvallis that has been put together by a group aimed at breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect in our community. And this is a great way to make every child feel powerful as they dress as their favorite superhero and come to the Crystal Lake Sports Field to walk, skip, jump, roll, or run away their troubles.  

This event happens August 20, but if you register before August 5 you will be guaranteed a t-shirt – and who doesn’t need another cool t-shirt. 

This event is a fundraiser for ABC House and the good works they do, so you can have a great day with the kids and do something for kids in need.  

Quieter Kids: Not all kids are a bundle of energy and activity. My three girls were quieter, more likely to enjoy a trip around the local arts center than a parkour-style run through town. So what can you do with a quiet kid around Corvallis? 

Well, if your child is artistic, how about showing them that our lovely state has many artists they can aspire to be like.   

The Arts Center, located at 700 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis, is a great place to start. Currently, they have an annual exhibit titled “Around Oregon” which highlights the artists living right here in our corner of the world. Out of 453 art images submitted for this event, only 43 were chosen for this special honor. The art chosen to represent Oregon this year includes oil paintings to bottle cap art, photography to landscapes to conceptual art.   

This exhibit ends Aug. 13. 

From Seeing Art to Making Art: And after a trip to see art, you can work with your kids to make their own art.   

The Spruce Crafts is a website dedicated to fun projects kids can do at home with you. From taking an old CD and making it into a crab, to creating flowers with used water bottles, to making a “real live” set of binoculars out of toilet paper tubes, this site has a plethora of ideas to help your child see everyday items in new ways. 

To Making a Book: For the kids that are into taking their crafts one level higher, how about making a graphic novel?  

The Corvallis Multicultural Literacy Center has a class available on Fridays from 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. geared at teaching kids to “uplift their personal and cultural narrative through the medium of pictures and story.” Called the Graphic Novel Class, this is an excellent way to help your kid find their voice in a world that’s getting more confusing. 

Check out the CMLC’s calendar for this Friday class, as well as for other classes, events, and opportunities to expand your and your child’s frame of reference. 

Speaking of Books: If you have a library book and just can’t get over to the library to return it, The Boys and Girls Club has a solution. There is now a book return in front of the club.   

Boys and Girls Club is located at 1112 NW Circle Blvd., making the new return an easy and convenient way to take care of an extra errand and save you a cross town trip.  

Find Waldo: Still going on through the end of July is the Find Waldo event.   

The striped-shirted, beanie-wearing, floppy-haired Waldo is hiding somewhere in Corvallis! Well, he’s actually hiding in 15 local stores across Corvallis. Find a mini Waldo in a store and you’ll get a stamp on your Find Waldo passport, which will bring you prizes.   

We have it on good authority that, in Grass Roots Books, the prize is a dollar off any Where’s Waldo book along with a temporary tattoo and a button. And if you manage to collect 13 stamps, your passport will be entered into a raffle which will be given out at the end of July.   

So, only 10 more days, kids! And, yes, when I say kids I mean everyone of all ages, because this Waldo adventure is open to all.  

By Sally K Lehman 

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