Corvallis Firefighters Add Fun to Annual Water Play Day

Last Friday was all about letting the good times flow. 

There was something new for Water Day, a perennial fan favorite of the kids attending Summer Club at the Boys & Girls Club: a true super soaker soaking, courtesy of its next-door neighbor, Corvallis Fire Station 3. 

Firefighters set up a tall arc of water for the fun-seekers to frolic in beneath a sun-drenched sky. It was instant puddles and play. Squeals of excitement and laughter pierced the air in the wet zone located just behind the club. 

“We wanted to make this day very memorable for all of these kids,” said Helen Higgins, CEO of the club. 

In previous years, the annual event consisted of water obstacles, lawn water slides, sprinklers and other spray features. This year though, Higgins wanted to “take it up a level.” She approached Corvallis Fire Department Chief Ben Janes and he gave the afternoon activity a thumbs-up. 

“My dream finally came true,” excitedly exclaimed Hunter, 8, thoroughly soggy and out of breath from splashing in the cool spray. “I’ve been looking forward to Water Day all summer. I love getting wet.” 

Other kids also relished the event, making it an afternoon awash with fond memories. 

Eva, 9, clad in a colorful unicorn kitten one-piece swimsuit, said the best part of Water Day was “running around and playing with my friends.” 

After firefighters shut off the cascade of water, the kids were quick to make use of the puddles, stomping and romping before things dried up. 

“I like to get soaking wet, [to] catch the water in my mouth,” said Nanii, 8. “And run around shaking my body so I could get myself more wet, like a dog.” 

By Patty Reyes 

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