CitySpeak Q&A Livestream: State of the City with Mayor & Area Leaders, March 8

Our annual State of the City town hall brings together Mayor Traber, Benton County’s commissioners, and a host of local agency leaders for an evening – and given the current raft of issues, the timing could not be more prescient.  

City and County leaders slated to be on hand include:   

Biff Traber, Mayor 

Nick Hurley, Police Chief 

Jef Van Arsdall, Sheriff 

Ryan Noss, School District Superintendent 

Xan Augerot, County Commissioner 

Pat Malone, County Commissioner 

Nancy Wyse, Board of Commissioner Chair 

Kate Porsche, City Economic Development Manager 

Paul Bilotta, Community Development Director (housing) 

Scott Dybvad, Sustainability Coordinator