CHEERS & JEERS: An Education Week Edition?

CHEERS for Oregon State Researchers. They have determined that toxic masculinity does exist and is probably the cause of monopolies [*cough cough* Jeff Bezos *cough*], autocratic empires [*gasp cough* Putin *gasp*], and generalized crybaby behavior [*cough gasp* Trump *hack*]. The study gave men and women statements such as, “Others in my workplace have publicly questioned my manhood or womanhood,” then asked how likely they were to address the issue. Men were more likely to withhold helpful acts in the workplace when they felt their gender status was threatened. [Hi, your friendly Copy Editor here, has anyone noticed nobody studies toxic femininity? Like, gasp, cough, no friggin’ asterisk, gasp… Ann Coulter or Ghislaine Maxwell or Marjorie Taylor Greene or… anyhoo…]  

THE SEARCH GOES ON for a new president. The Oregon State University Presidential Search Advisory Committee is meeting away over Zoom as they spread their loving arms wide to embrace the next-best candidates to run the institution. You can listen in here. [Was one of the delays due to finding a long enough committee name?]  

Speaking of spreading arms wide…   

A WARM WELCOME to Dr. Brian Primack, lately of University of Arkansas but coming to OSU to fill the role of Dean of Public Health and Human Services. He’ll be starting his new job June 30… a mere 17 days after the spring term ends… just in time for summer break [or summer term, depending on your standing]. 

CHEERS for our locals. When the Benton County Sheriff whooped it up because they caught a few prostitutes and “Johns,” we were okay with it. When they equated prostitution [aka sex work] with sex trafficking, one of our residents stepped forward to call foul, reminding us that there’s a little thing called “consent” at play here. [Thanks for keeping us all honest!]   

FURROWED BROWS for OSU students still in classes despite the COVID rates going around. Of the almost 7,000 tests given at the university, 785 came back positive [for reference, in the fall 774 tests were given and three were positive – yes, that number was a three]. Yet, as of Jan. 10, the university was still fully backing on-campus classes unless the instructor has to self-isolate.   

BOOS & HISSES for real estate right now. If you’re trying to buy a house around these-here parts, you’ve probably noticed that it is harder than H-E-double-hockey-sticks to find one that doesn’t get snapped up in the first five minutes it’s on the MLS. Apparently, in the real estate biz it’s called a Churn Rate, and ours is sucking the lifeblood out of buyers’ souls.   

CHEERS for Maggie Bao of Sunset High School, Madison Carson of Oregon Episcopal School, Jaiyoun Choi of Westview High School, Ram Goel [who is home schooled], Mithra Karamchedu of Jesuit High School, Pratik Vangal of Sunset High School, and Sunny Wang of Camas High School. These seven young people are among the 300 who got the official nod of excellence in the Regeneron Science Talent Search. Out of the 1,800 applications received from around the U.S. and American/International schools in eight other countries, Oregon and Southwest Washington nailed it by winning seven of these awards with each winner collecting a check for $2,000. [Put your hands up! Say ‘Whoop! Whoop!’] 

Now, excuse us if we go a little far afield to say… 

BIG-WET-SLOPPY-GASPING, TEARS-OF-LAUGHTER-INFUSED JEERS for Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was in the news again for having a party during lockdown. We’re jeering not because of the party – it was in May of 2020, so the cases of COVID they spread have run their courses [with the exception of those who suffer long-term effects from infection]. We’re not jeering that he broke his own lockdown rules – he’s going to get enough heck for that from others. We jeer because he made it a BYOB event. He’s the Prime Minister of the UK – you know, that country that once controlled other countries all over the world! Yet he couldn’t have sprung for a bottle or two of Grey Goose? C’mon! Even Trump bought out every McDonald’s in DC for his guests.