Benton County Moves Offices Beginning Thursday

This month, several Benton County offices will be making a move to their new permanent offices in the Kalapuya Building at 4500 SW Research Way, Corvallis. These moves are part of Facilities Planning that was put into place and resulted in the county purchasing the Kalapuya Building in 2020.

Benton County Media Contact JonnaVe Stokes said that these moves have nothing to do with the Justice System Improvement Plan which will be on the ballot in the future. 

“This is a way to provide one-stop shopping for our customers,” she said. “And to provide ample parking, and better access for people to participate.”

Phase I Moves

On Jan. 13 – 18, the Assessor’s office will be closed in order to make their move to the second floor of the new building. If you have reason to contact the office, you can still do so over the phone at 541-766-6855 or by email. They have a Frequently Asked Questions page which may assist you as well. On Jan. 19 this office will reopen to the public. 

Beginning Jan. 20, the Records & Licenses Division will begin their move, closing their door to in-person access from Jan. 20 – 24. If you need to contact them during this time, you can call 541-766-6675. This office will reopen Jan. 25 on the second floor of the new building.

The Elections and Passport Division will also be closed to the public Jan. 20-24. Although mail transactions will continue to be processed during that time, no passport applications will be processed during the closure. This office will reopen Jan. 25 on the second floor of the new building.

The Benton County Board of Commissioners’ Office will move to the Kalapuya Building between Jan. 27 – 28. During the move, you can contact their office at 541-766-6800. Beginning Jan. 31, you can go to their new offices on the first floor of the new building. 

All County offices will be closed on Monday, January 17 in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

Phase II

These first office moves complete the first phase of the plan first proposed by County Administrator Joe Kerby. 

In the second phase, additional construction will be completed on the Kalapuya Building, and the offices of Finance, Information Technology, Human Resources, Community Development, and Environmental Health will be moved.


By Sally K Lehman