American Healthcare Workers, Pandemic-Induced Burnout

A new USA Today – Ipsos survey found that while American healthcare workers have remained resilient over the past two years of the pandemic, they are also showing various signs of strain due to their careers in the industry, including burnout and thoughts of leaving the field.  

Although healthcare workers are feeling less optimistic, four out of every five of them surveyed still reported being satisfied with their current jobs – some even reported being hopeful for the future. 

The pandemic currently remains the biggest issue for American healthcare workers, most being very critical of the country’s handling of it – the majority feel as though the pandemic has gotten out of control and Americans aren’t taking enough precautions. Because of the ongoing crisis, the percentage of healthcare workers who have treated a COVID-19 positive patient continues to rise and is currently at 66% overall, with the number going up to 86% when looking at those in hospital settings. 

Unfortunately, American healthcare workers might not be able to catch a break anytime soon. In fact, 39% of them agreed with the statement “the American healthcare system is on the verge of collapse.” 

By Momoko Baker 

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