Alphabet Soup, Get It Right, with Apologies to Lennon and McCartney

Alphabet Soup 


Language is delicious 

You just cannot deny it 

No matter how much of it you consume 

You never have to diet 



Get It Right 


Whenever you’re feeling alone 

Don’t fret who caused the gloom 

Because what really matters 

Is whom 


One Lie-ner 

Real eyes realize real lies 


Money See, Money Do 


A person can be made healthy and wealthy 

With money, no surprise 

But increasing the size of a bank account 

Has yet to make anyone wise 


Oral Majority 


Anytime you feel you should speak 

About what you feel in your gut 

Remember how fish get in trouble 

By not keeping their mouths shut 


Apologies to Lennon and McCartney 


I read the news today, oh boy 


The Russians attacking 

Ukrainians lacking 

Exxon fracking 

Hackers hacking 

Poor folks lacking 

Congress slacking 

Kardashians shacking 

Mike Tyson smacking 


I’d like to turrrrrrrrrn youuuuuuuuu offffffff 



Kevin Ahern is an Oregon State University professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Biophysics. In his retirement, he writes verses. 

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