Wildcat Elementary to Undergo Renovations

As of the Corvallis Community Development Planning Division’s Order 2021-021, Wildcat Elementary School on Satinwood St. may soon be getting some new construction.  

The main elements of the planned construction are the expansion of the school building into what is currently a covered play area on the North side, and the addition of bike racks in the Northern parking lot. The plans show that the covered play area would be reconstructed in a different part of the playground.  

The proposal also includes plans for an outdoor classroom-style learning area, including a semicircle of permanent wall seats, near the proposed building addition North of the school. Among the other small changes proposed are numerous trees to be planted along the sidewalk.  

The construction was proposed by David Dodson on behalf of Willamette Valley Planning, LLC, and the proposal was approved by the Planning Commission after a public hearing on May 5. The construction will occur anytime in the next four years, or the Planning Commission’s approval would be nullified.  

Any affected parties who wished to appeal this construction decision must appeal the decision by May 17. After that time the decision of the Planning Commission is final.  

By Ardea C. Eichner