What’s Burning Where in Oregon

Multiple fires are burning across Oregon. For your safety and that of your loved ones, be sure to check your phone for any emergency alerts, be aware of fires near you and call or check the statuses of any areas you may have to travel through or in which you plan recreation activities.  

Here is an interactive map with information about evacuation statuses due to wildfires (with Douglas County highlighted.)  

For areas in Level 3 “GO NOW” evacuation notice areas, fire officials advise that you must leave immediately, as danger is immediate or very imminent. Emergency services may not be able to assist those who do not evacuate in a Level 3 area. Level 2 “Be Set” notices mean you should either seek shelter outside of the affected area or be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. A level one “Be Ready” evacuation area should consider planning or packing in case an evacuation becomes necessary soon.  

Here are the statuses of the larger fires across the state right now, with information from August 5, 2021:  

Middle Fork Complex  

This fire complex comprises twelve smaller fires. The most threatening fire is currently the Gales Creek Fire, which is the largest and has not yet been contained by firefighting crews. The second largest fire is the Kwis Fire near Oakridge, which is 25% contained.  

The Gales Creek Fire is located south of Forest Road 18 (Big Fall Creek Road) and is currently covering an area of 1,822 acres. All homes, campgrounds and dispersed recreational activities are listed at a Level 3 “GO NOW” evacuation notice.  

Forest Road closures as a result of Middle Fork Complex Fires include Forest Roads 2400012, 2400013, 2400037, 2400207, 2400208, 2400211, 2400211A; 2408, 2408036, 2408270, 5871332, 5871337, 5871334, 5871328, 5871325, 5871320 and 5800013. Campgrounds and trailheads in this area are also closed.  

Skyline Ridge Complex  

The Skyline Ridge complex of fires is located southeast of Canyonville and comprises fifteen smaller fires. Fire officials estimate that the currently 1,516 acre-complex will be contained by next week.  

All homes on Upper Cow Creek Road or its side streets between the addresses of 11300 and 18299 Upper Cow Creek currently have evacuation notices at Levels 1 or 2 (“Be Ready” and “Be Set”), depending on exact location. 

Rough Patch Complex and Jack Fire  

These fires in and around the Umpqua National Forest east of Roseburg are expected to lessen in severity due to cooler weather and higher humidity; however, dry brush and plant matter are still common and at risk of burning easily. The Rough Patch Complex fires cover roughly 838 acres, and the Jack fire is roughly 23,280 acres.  

The Horseshoe Bend Campground, Steamboat Falls, Boulder Flat, Hemlock Lake and Twin Lakes are currently closed, as well as other recreational spaces in that area. The Umpqua National Forest has a more detailed explanation of closures on their website.  

Devil’s Knob Complex  

This complex of fires is near the Rough Patch, Jack and Skyline Ridge fires in Douglas county. Six large fires are of particular note: The Wildcat, Mule Creek, Big Hamlin, Smith, Little Applegate and Railroad fires. These areas are receiving the most firefighting support due to their size and/or proximity to residences.  

All homes on Upper Cow Creek Road between the addresses of 20039 and 20700 have been given Level 3 “GO NOW” evacuation notices. Homes on Upper Cow Creek Road between the addresses of 18300 and 20000 are under a Level 2 “Be Set” notice.  

By Ardea C. Eichner