Valentine Poems for the Single-at-Heart

We hope you enjoy this collection of poems for the disenfranchised and lonely. And the sad, of course. Maybe the mistrustful or no-longer-hopeful. Definitely for the single.   




A Valentine’s Poem

by Dinaz Rogers

Roses are red,

and violets?

Always blue.

Put on your thinking caps

and come up

with some new hues.

and flowers too.



How I Learned What Valentine’s Day is All About?

By Joanna Rosinska

My first Valentine Day celebration, ever.

No such holiday where I came from.


I dated a guy who had no original thoughts

nor did he cared to make anyone smile.

He knew I was allergic to chocolate

and frankly … didn’t like it much.


On Feb 14th he brought me

a cheap pink heart-shaped box

of not-so fresh chocolates,

I think from a gas station.


I asked “Why?”

He said “It’s traditional.”


The relationship didn’t last long.



Haiku Reflections

By Joanna Rosinska



couples inside restaurants

look past each other


culture hails couples

tax breaks, respect, valentine

singles omitted


Valentine’s secrets:

couples only holiday

singles: discounted



It’s All Love, Right?

By Jessica Rich

Cardboard poetry that gets recycled or stuffed inside more cardboard boxes,

collecting dust just so you can remember someday

that someone spent some time in the grocery store aisle

on February 13th or 14th laboring over the perfect words.

Sugar-coated sentiment melts on your tongue,

disappears with the butterflies in your gut.

Annual dollar-bill origami folded into hearts

to wrap around your wrists.

For you to show your friends how much I love you.

Is it enough?



Valentine on Commercial Street

By Joanna Rosinska

Chocolate industry geared for gain

Chocolate, a love symbol in a container

Un-customized token, simple and plain

Love sits on lay-away, here’s my retainer


Like sunday religion once a year in love

When closeness vanished each is a complainer.

Excitement gone, simply nothing to talk of.

Eros is only a futile campaigner.



In Defense of Singles

By Joanna Rosinska

In the yester romance was a standard.

And divorced or unwed folks were slandered.

Is it different to date?

With divorce mounting rate?

Singles still feel a marriage is pandered.



Plaster Fantasies

By Sally K Lehman

The plastic roses you bought at

The Dollar Tree

wilted into grey puddles on my dashboard

beside the box of

unmeltable chocolate-like delicasies

you bestowed

in the names of love and Venus and…


Which turned out to be the name of

the prostitute you hired on Union Avenue.

It’s been a confusing year.